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  • Irritable Bowel Syndrome Healed

    I have suffered from irritable bowel syndrome for sixteen years which has caused a great deal of distress and much physical pain. During the conference you said that the Lord wanted to heal someone of my condition so I stood up and some delegates laid hands on me per your instructions. I have a few […]

  • Leper Cleansed in Denmark

    Leper cleansed in Denmark Ian Andrews came to my church in Denmark to preach , after the service I asked him to pray for me for a tropical illness that I have contracted when last in Africa as a missionary. I was the only known leper in Scandinavia and after a confirmitory visit to the […]

  • Metal Knee Replacement Healed

    Total metal knee replacement healed…now dances! I have had total knee replacement surgery and the pain has been excrusiating. During the evening service I felt like the Lord wanted me to dance before Him. This would not have been such a big deal had I not had a METAL kneecap fitted and was unable to […]

  • Orphan heart and spirit Healed

    Orphan heart and spirit healed I was prayed over and asked if I would forgive my father. After prayer I found myself waking up on the floor with a beautiful warmth flowing all over me, I tried to get up but found that I could not move. As I lay on the ground I felt […]

  • Sexual Abuse Trauma Healed

    Sexual abuse trauma healed I was released from shame and guilt from seeing cousins and siblings abused and betrayed. I have been healed of my bitterness towards God. many physical healings came out of the spiritual and mental healing I have received. I have also been healed of parathyroid and thyroid healing, heart regurgitation and […]

  • Spina bifida Healed

    Spina bifida healed God healed me of a mild case of spina bifida and I am now expecting more miracles. Chad USA

  • Hypertension & High Blood Pressure Healed

    Hypertension and high blood pressure healed For a number of years I have suffered from high blood pressure. The medication, which I was prescribed, controlled it to some extent but had some side effects. On the Friday evening we were encouraged to pray in twos. I received prayer first for blessing, and felt the Holy […]

  • Deformed Foot Healed

    Deformed foot healed I was diagnosed as having a bone in my foot in the wrong place and I was also flat footed. In the service suddenly the bone in my foot lifted up ,turned and moved over to the other part of the foot and laid back down. As I stood up the full […]

  • Damaged Leg Healed

    Damaged leg healed Nearly three years ago I fell and damged my lower leg on a step. It became infected and I was left with a badly discoloured numb area and a lump which had not changed in two years. When I got home after the meeting there was a sign of improvement which has […]

  • Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and Acne Healed

    Chronic fatigue syndrome and acne I had suffered from chronic fatigue syndrome for two years and had been off school in 2003/2004 as a result. During the meeting I felt God speak to me and tell me that I was completely healed of chronic fatigue syndrome. In the following week I also came off my […]

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