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Ian and Rosemary Andrews of Citadel Ministries have been living by faith for over forty years. They have, in the past, been supported and exceedingly blessed by the love and giving of a few friends who believed in them and in their mission in equipping the saints to heal the sick.

Now God is requiring more from them and they have never been busier and they are seeking additional partners for regular support or one off gifts.

Citadel Ministries is  a registered charity in UK 

Recurring Giving or One Time Gifts

Give now, online using your credit or debit card or Paypal account. Continue to give… (Residents of the United Kingdom, please click here. Gift Aid option is also available.)

Estate Planning and Legacies

With proper planning, you will be able to minimize taxes and maximize amounts being passed on to your family, loved ones and ministries of choice. For more info click here.

Stocks and Bonds for USA Partners

For example, if you purchased stocked valued at $1,000 over a year ago and it is now worth $3,000, you may transfer (not sell) the stock to the ministry and avoid the capital gains tax on the $2,000 gain. The benefits are huge – not only does it sow into the ministry $3,000 from the initial $1,000 investment, but you reduce your taxable income as well. The actual method of giving stocks, bonds, mutual funds and real estate will vary depending on the investment held. Click here for more information.

Anyone contemplating such action should always first consult their Broker or Financial Advisor.

Airline Miles

Ian and Rosemary travel approximately 80- 100 thousand airmiles per year usually with the Oneworld Alliance group and are always looking for ways to cut the costs of travel. Often the travel expenses are funded from the ministry as the countries to which we sometimes travel are not able to cover those costs.Your support and donations would be utilised to cover this cost of travel so you would have part in sending us to the Nations.

If you are interested in donating airline miles, please click here.

Ministry Course

If you want to find out about Ian's online course, please visit

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