Partnering With Us

Ian & Rosemary Andrews invite you to partner with them in a global mission to  Equip of the saints to heal the sick.

It is our passion and has been our lifelong goal to see the church of Jesus Christ accept the mandate that He left to us

“To go into all the world, and preach the Gospel and heal the sick, cleanse the lepers, cast out devils, and raise the dead.!”

In almost 70 nations now there are pockets of believers who are doing this and have been trained by the Andrews, or their disciples.

Partnering may or may not involve a financial investment , that is in accordance with your heart and your ability to sow into this ground.

Partnering whether in Intercession, personally serving Ian and or Rosemary, or providing the funds that allow them to fulfill their God ordained commission is a vital part of this ministry . We cannot do it all alone and your support is noted in heaven as well as gratefully received and appreciated here on earth!

National Contacts

It is also very helpful to have a “local address” in the various countries that we travel to and if you are prepared to help in this regard please let us know here.

Do you have special skills?

If you have special skills that you would like to make available to the ministry, please click the here and fill in the details.

Ministry Course

If you want to find out about Ian's online course, please visit

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