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Welcome To Citadel Ministries


About Ian

Ian was the Apostolic Director of the International Association of Healing Ministries and is the Founder of Citadel Ministries. He has been  a leading figure in the healing ministry for more than four decades and has authored two books which are available at this web site.

Ian has travelled to over 65 nations bringing the good news that every believer can and should heal the sick. He has also been used to start several revivals throughout the world. Ian is married to Rosemary and they live in the West Country, UK they have one grown son who lives in USA.

The Vision…

prayer44Our primary burden in these days is to see the healing ministry restored and fully functioning in the body of Christ, so that everyone can move in healing. So our focus is on equipping people and releasing the anointing so that they have the confidence, knowledge and faith to move ahead in praying for people and seeing them healed.

Many years ago now we received a prophetic word that we were to build a mountain of men and women that would move in the power of God and see signs and wonders! Even though we have worked to fulfil this mandate over many years, we now see an increase and explosion taking place with multitudes being equipped to “heal the sick”

During our ministry nowadays over 80% of the people that are prayed for receive healing, when we teach how to pray effectively and then allow the congregations to pray for each other and we have seen this happen across all Christian denominations.

IMG_1509As we move into the 21st century, our vision is to see healings taking place outside the church in the marketplace. Going where the people are. Taking healing and the prophetic onto the streets to demonstrate the love of Father God for them in real, practical, life changing terms. Jesus healed the people whether they followed him or they didn’t & our model should be the same! Every Christian is a minister and should expect God to use him or her in their normal daily lives.

Since the early call of Ian into the ministry God has used him to bring revival to areas and nations. From Quebec, Canada; to Minneapolis, USA; From Denmark and Norway to Toronto, Canada God has started healing revivals around the world. Today our vision is to see acceleration in the healing revivals breaking out across the world.

These are exciting days and we follow a Saviour who still loves to reveal himself in healing!

Ministry Course

If you want to find out about Ian's online course, please visit iequippers.org

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