Blockages to Healing

1. “Blockages To Healing” Audio MP3 by Ian Andrews
In this sermon Ian Andrews provides detailed teaching on the spiritual and emotional issues that block God’s healing power from being effective in your life and the lives of those for whom you pray. The message has been added as a chapter in Ian’s book “Equipped to Heal” – essential reading for anyone who counsels or prays for the sick.

GB £2.99

Can God Use Me

2. “Can God Use Me?” Audio MP3 by Ian Andrews
In this sermon Ian Andrews accurately gets to the root of why so many Christian people are ineffective in their walk with God. Ian explains what Jesus meant when he said in the Sermon on the Mount that “Blessed are the poor in spirit” and how this truth affects the results you get when you pray to God.

GB £2.99

Feeding off the tree of life

3. “Feeding From The Tree Of Life” Audio MP3 by Ian Andrews
The teaching Ian Andrews provides in this message has been a cornerstone for his own life. God gave us a command not to eat from the knowledge of good and evil he had created in the garden of Eden but instead eat of the tree of life. The command still stands and the choice of tree from which we eat the fruit, dictates the success of our walk with God

GB £2.99

God's Way in Healing

4. “God’s Way In Healing” Audio MP3 by Ian Andrews
In this teaching Ian Andrews explains the current implications of Joshua’s rule after Moses had died. God is moving differently today and yet most Christians are still following the Moses system of “doing church”. God desires us to see a new way of “doing church” where everyone is involved in using the gifts of the Holy Spirit, especially healing the sick.

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Hearing God's voice

5. “Hearing God’s Voice” Audio MP3 by Ian Andrews
How do I know God is speaking to me and how do I recognise God’s voice? In this message Ian Andrews unravels the mysteries of hearing from God and explains clearly how God communicates with His people. Why do we need to hear from God and how do we become sensitive to His ways of speaking to us?

GB £2.99

Heaven Is Open

6. “Heaven Is Open” Audio MP3 by Ian Andrews
In this sermon Ian Andrews asks the question “How did Jesus, as a man, do the miraculous healing and deliverance that He did?” This message will show you that God wants His will to be done on earth as it is in heaven! Ian will help you to deal with your doubts. He also removes a few misconceptions about how God works with people.

GB £2.99

Miracle meeting and training in Monterey

7. “Miracle Meeting In Monterey” Audio MP3 by Ian Andrews
In this sermon Ian Andrews describes many of the erroneous ideas and misconceptions people have that hinder their healing and prevent them receiving from God. Ian expounds the biblical basis behind the healing God brings to our mind, emotions and body. Many people listening to this message have been healed instantly.

GB £2.99

Ian Andrews Signs Following teaching on healing and miracles

8. “Signs Following” Audio MP3 by Ian Andrews
God promises that signs will follow all those who believe what He says. In this sermon, Ian Andrews explains in detail the significance of the prophecy written in Isaiah chapter 53. The chapter opens with a classic Jewish idiom in which, through Isaiah, God answers a question by asking another question!


GB £2.99

Market Place

9. “The Church In The Market Place” Audio MP3 by Ian Andrews
In this sermon Ian Andrews asks the question: “Where did Jesus go to find the 12 disciples who followed Him to ‘assist’ with His ministry?” Are you willing for God to take you out of your comfort zone? To answer these questions, Ian brings us an understanding of Jesus as the good shepherd of His church and the Holy Spirit as the teacher of His people.

GB £2.99

Ian Andrews Teaching on Healing and miracles Walk on Water

10. “Walk On Water” Audio MP3 by Ian Andrews
In this inspiring and faith-filled message, Ian Andrews teaches us how to allow God to be God through our words and actions. Ian uses the miracle of Jesus walking on the water as the basis of His teaching about where God wants His church so that it can be effective in the world. The question asked is: How much do you really love people?

GB £2.99

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