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  • Damaged Back & Hip Healed

    Damaged back and hip healed Three years ago I was involved in a car accident which had caused pain in my back and right hip area. Ian called this condition out and I suddenly realised that i had no more discomfort or pain in those areas. Praise the Lord. Carol UK

  • Chipped Bone in Elbow Healed

    Chipped bone in elbow healed During the first session on the Friday evening when praying in pairs, the Lord touched me in healing. I had chipped a bone in my left elbow and was experiencing constant pain and sleepless nights. As I was being prayed for,I felt a piercing heat from my shoulder right down […]

  • Broken Wrist Healed

    Broken wrist healed I suffered with a broken wrist for five weeks and am still supposed to have three weeks left in a cast plus another two months in an arm brace. The power of God touched it and now I can move it . Also my knees hurt and now they do not hurt. […]

  • Arthritis Back Healed

    Arthritits healed after 20 years of pain I had arthritis in both knees, right hip and lower spine from a car accident that occurred 30 years ago. After prayer I could run and there was NO PAIN Linda AZ

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