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  • Skin Deformation Healed

    Skin deformation healed. Ian called someone out who had had repeated surgeries and had bad scars as a result. I responded and later that night checked my skin after having had four surgeries. Instead of a rope like feature my skin was now flat or had already gone down over 50%. Deborah MT USA

  • Neck Injury from Falling Ceiling Panels Healed

    Neck injury sustained from two ceiling panels falling Two years ago two three foot ceiling panels fell onto my head, shattering on impact and resulting in neck damage and subsequent intermittent loss of movement and sensation in my right arm. As a result of a word of knowledge i was prayed over and the condition […]

  • Lung Condition Healed

    Lung condition healed Someone with a lung condition was mentioned in the conference and I responded to that word of knowledge. Praise God i can now breath freely again. John UK

  • Learning Disability Healed

    Learning disability in a child healed. Last year I got healed and now I get 100% on all my papers. I was healed of a learning disabilty Sarah MT USA

  • Hearing Improvement Aids not Needed

    Hearing improvement After having to wear a hearing aid in one ear I can report an improvement in that condition. I have now been to the doctors and now I have documented proof that I have received significant hearing improvement in BOTH ears! As a result of these tests the company no longer recommends hearing […]

  • Deep Trauma & Knee Pains Healed

    Deep trauma and knee pains healed I attended the conference and Rosemary prayed for me and my leg is now getting much stronger. Gos also suddenly openedup an area of my life from three years old and revealed a deep trauma that I had suffered.I am now able to both forgive others and to rethink […]

  • Damaged Back & Hip Healed

    Damaged back and hip healed Three years ago I was involved in a car accident which had caused pain in my back and right hip area. Ian called this condition out and I suddenly realised that i had no more discomfort or pain in those areas. Praise the Lord. Carol UK

  • Chipped Bone in Elbow Healed

    Chipped bone in elbow healed During the first session on the Friday evening when praying in pairs, the Lord touched me in healing. I had chipped a bone in my left elbow and was experiencing constant pain and sleepless nights. As I was being prayed for,I felt a piercing heat from my shoulder right down […]

  • Broken Wrist Healed

    Broken wrist healed I suffered with a broken wrist for five weeks and am still supposed to have three weeks left in a cast plus another two months in an arm brace. The power of God touched it and now I can move it . Also my knees hurt and now they do not hurt. […]

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