Treasure hunts in the Church

So what else have we been doing.  Apart from traveling across the pond to see our son and little grandson there, we have been having fun with Treasure Hunts , but with a different flavour – these are conducted in churches.

Just to give a few  life changing examples , we were speaking in a church in Cornwall in the UK recently and in the treasure hunt there were four clues from the Lord , always via the congregation, as this teaches them that they do hear from God and that combined the individual is powerful.

The four clues that were given were as follows, a wooden house that was on fire, a small rowing boat in a calm sea, a dutch windmill and a playing card – the ace of diamonds.

The next step is to locate that treasure or person sitting in the meeting – this is normally someone who finds it hard to accept Father’s love for them or someone who is under a great burden or trauma.

One lady responded and told us this – it was her parents house that caught on fire – she had escaped to safety but her brother was killed  in the fire and that in the parents pain at the loss of their son, they told her that the wrong child survived!
She also said that the rowing boat was hers and she could find peace when she was there, and that the Dutch Windmill was a painting that she loved to look at but she had no idea about the playing card!

When the people who had received the “clues” prayed over her  she learned that Father saw her like the Ace of DIAMONDS  and He saw her as a jewel – not the wrong person to survive! We later learned that she had left a hospital  to come to the meeting . Jesus is so loving and kind!

Another treasure hunt was conducted in Belgium at the IAHM Conference – the clues were a church tower with a black bell and sunshine coming through the tower, a lake with black coloured water, an old red barn deep in the countryside and a beach chair and beach ball.

An elderly Jewish lady responded and gave this explanation – it was during the second world war, her parents took the family to have a picnic by a lake. There were German troops in the forest and they killed her family but she managed to run and hide in the woods. The troops never found her and she ran as far away as possible until she came to an old red barn, where she hid for several days. Later she was hungry and made her way home when a Greek Orthodox neighbour told her that he would adopt her as his own daughter and she must forget her Jewish heritage if she was to survive the war!

On the Sunday she was made to attend the local Greek Orthodox church which had a white tower and a black bell, she told us that she was very afraid that God would drop the bell on her !!

When asked about the beach scene she replied that was her favourite activity even today! She was gloriously healed of all war trauma and touched by a loving Father in a very deep way.

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