Healing and Revival Webinars


Recently the Lord spoke to me to conduct a series of webinars sharing all I know about Healing and Revival.

I had thought this was to be just a small select group of people who passionately wanted to learn in-depth about this, but Father obviously had other much bigger ideas than me!

I posted a message on Facebook and have nearly 2000 replies, far above the 20 – 50 I had in my mind.So I had to rethink my strategy!

If any of my existing contacts would like to join this list, for these series of webinars, which I will conduct live,  please join this list to be notified of the times etc.

Click this link to register https://citadelministries.com/webinar-registration/

The series will start in the next few weeks and I  know that it will radically change your lives as you become conduits for God’s miracle-working power.


There is NO cost to register for these webinars, so that all who have a passion to see God’s Kingdom manifest on earth may attend. Many nations will be gathering together from across the world.

Be blessed


Ian Andrews

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