• “Blockages To Healing” Audio CD by Ian Andrews

    This message was incorporated as a chapter in Ian's book “Equipped to Heal” and is essential listening for everyone who has to counsel or pray for the sick. Ian clearly lays out the various things that block our ability to receive God's healing power in our bodies.

  • “Can God use me?” Audio CD by Ian Andrews

    In this message Ian brings jewels out of the scripture “Blessed are the poor in Spirit” God wants to use you just how He made you. You can lay hands on the sick and they will recover. This message is full of funny yet very thought provoking testimonies.

  • “Feeding From The Tree of Life” Audio CD by Ian Andrews

    This is a timeless message and one that Ian admits is his cornerstone for his own life. In Genesis God gave a command that has never been rescinded. One cannot know God by “feeding off the tree of knowledge of good and evil” One must learn to feed off the Tree of Life

  • “God’s Father Heart” DVD by Ian Andrews

    In this DVD Ian encourages us to understand the “God’s Father Heart” for us. We have a “Faith” that works in Love. Hear some of the reasons for the “Baptism in the Holy Spirit”. Ian challenges us to allow revelation to happen.

  • “God’s way in healing” Audio CD by Ian Andrews

    A new day. In  this message Ian looks at the implications of Joshua's day. God is moving differently today and wants to include all of us. God desires to see the sick healed more than we do. It is time to doubt your doubts and believe the word of God.

  • “God’s Power in Ordinary People” DVD by Ian Andrews

    In this DVD Ian encourages us to see The “Kingdom of Heaven is near” God wants to use ordinary people. Be prepared to change your thinking. Learn to trust God for all your provisions. Incredible things happen when we are obedient. Believe what Jesus has done enough to Act upon it.

  • “Hearing God’s voice” Audio CD by Ian Andrews

    If you are asking the question “ How do I know it is God who is speaking to me, this message is for you! In this message Ian unravels the mysteries of hearing from God but explains clearly how God communicates with His people.

  • “Heaven is open” Audio CD by Ian Andrews

    This message will change your life and make you more fruitful. In this anointed message Ian asks the question, “How did Jesus, as a man, do the things that He did?” This message will deal with your doubts and show you that God does indeed want His will done on earth as it is in heaven!

  • “How to work Miracles with God” DVD by Ian Andrews

    In this anointed message Ian shows that God wants to use all of the disciples in working miracles, even though this had not entered their minds. They then fall into the trap of asking “What do we have to do to work miracles?” Ian clearly brings out that we have to trust God…

  • “Miracle Service in Monterey VA” Audio CD by Ian Andrews

    This is an message given by Ian in a church in USA. There is a heavy sense of the presence of God on this CD. Many people listening to this message have been healed instantly and ther are many faith building testimonies included at the end. Highly recommended!

  • “Signs Following” Audio CD by Ian Andrews

    God promises that signs will follow those who believe. Ian in this message draws rich treasure out of Isaiah 53. whose report will you believe? This message includes detais of major healings when God used the children in a meeting.

  • “The church in the market place” Audio CD by Ian Andrews

    In this message Ian takes us out of our comfort zones to where a multitude is waiting to hear from God and experience His goodness. God wants to use everyone and He intends healing to be fun. God wants the church to “GO” and not stay! God calls us to do what we cannot do!

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